What is CAD ?

CAD  – Computer Aided Design

CAD or Computer Aided Design also known as Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). Primarily this is the use of computer technology to assist in the design, modification and optimization of technical drawings. These drawings can be used as blue prints for designers, civil engineers, architects, in fact anywhere that a product or landscape modification is required.

There are many CAD packages on the market, each one being a variation on a theme. The purpose of this type of software package is to increase the productivity of the designers using it. Designers and draftsmen used to produce drawing or plans on a drawing board. Although this was a skill in itself any mistakes were difficult to rectify. With the development of CAD  mistakes can be easily put right prior to the final drawing being printed on a HP Designjet.

With the increase in computing technology and the refinement of CAD programs technical drawing can be stored easily with minimum of fuss. The completed drawings can be sent electronically across the world in a matter of seconds, the designer no longer needs to be on site. This also means a large data base of drawings and plans can be easily accessible for the designers or the engineers as requited.

Types of CAD

CAD software can be used in two different ways – Vector based graphics are used to depict the objects of traditional drafting or raster graphics can be used to show the overall appearance of designed objects

CAD often involves more than shapes, for producing objects. Many designers use computer aided design in town planning to show new road layouts. Architects use CAD to design new or modify existing buildings. The purpose of the CAD design is to convey information such as materials, dimensions, processes and tolerances according to per-determined specifications.

CAD can be used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional (2D) space; or curves, surfaces, and solids in three-dimensional (3D) space. These can then be printed on a traditional HP plotter, such as a DesignJet T790 or the HP DesignJet Color 3D printer.

Uses of CAD

The use of Computer Aided Design is extensive. It has become an important part of the design process and is extensively used in many applications, including automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries, industrial and architectural design, and many more. CAD is also widely used in the film industry to produce computer animation for special effects in movies, advertising and technical manuals.

With the world going “green” the power of computer aided design means that everyday objects such as perfume bottles, shampoo dispensers and tin cans for food storage are designed using techniques unheard of by engineers of the 1960s. Because of its enormous economic importance, CAD has been a major driving force for research in computer graphics (both hardware and software), and discrete differential geometry.

Despite is obvious versatility and uses and its undoubted ability to increase productivity, Computer Aided Design is not necessarily the best way for newcomers to understand the geometrical principles of Solid Modelling. This requires a specialist design language based on the same principles. One such solution to this is PLaSM – Programming Language of solid Modelling.

In the early 1980,s the upsurge and versatility of computers and computer aided design programs significantly reduced the need for qualified draftsmen especially in small to medium sized companies. Design programs that could be run form a small personal computer enabled engineers to carry out their own drafting and design work. This eventually eliminated the need for entire design departments.

Nowadays many universities do not offer manual drafting course, because they are not required to do so. The days of hand drawing to produce the final design concept are all but over. Students no longer require to learn the use of protractors and compasses to create drawings; instead they plump for classes that focus on the use of CAD software.

There are several types of computer-aided design software packages. These  range from 2D vector-based drafting systems to 3D solid and surface modellers. Powerful computer systems and  modern CAD packages can allow rotations in three dimensions, allowing viewing of a designed object from any desired angle, even from the inside looking out. Some CAD software is capable of dynamic mathematical modelling, in which case it may be marketed as CADD.

The uses of CAD in industry are limitless. It is used extensively in the design of tools and machinery and in the drafting and design of all types of buildings, from small residential types (houses) to the largest commercial and industrial structures (hospitals, factories even the massive skyscrapers that are appearing throughout the world).

The use of CAD is mainly for detailed engineering of 3D models and/or 2D drawings of physical components, but it is also used throughout the engineering process from conceptual design and layout of products, through strength and dynamic analysis of assemblies to definition of manufacturing methods of components. It can also be used to design objects.

The importance of CAD within the design industry cannot be overlooked. With benefits such as lower product development costs and a greatly shortened design cycle. Computer Aided Design enables designers to layout and develop work on screen, print it out and save it for future editing, saving time and money on their drawings.

Computer-aided design is one of the many tools used by engineers and designers and is used in many ways depending on the profession of the user and the type of software in question.

CAD is also used for the accurate creation of photo simulations that are often required in the preparation of Environmental Impact Reports, in which computer-aided designs of intended buildings are superimposed into photographs of existing environments to represent what that locale will be like were the proposed facilities are constructed. Potential blockage of view corridors and shadow studies are also frequently analyzed through the use of Computer Aided Design

CAD has also been proven to be useful to engineers as well. Using four properties which are history, features, parametrization, and high level constraints (Zhang). The construction history can be used to look back into the model’s personal features and work on the single area rather than the whole model (Zhang). Parameters and constraints can be used to determine the size, shape, and the different modelling elements. The features in the CAD system can be used for the variety of tools for measurement such as tensile strength yield strength, also its stress and strain and how the element gets affected in certain temperatures.

Operating Systems

Originally software for Computer-Aided Design systems was developed with computer languages such as Fortran. These were expensive as were the hardware platforms they required to run.

Right now, no special hardware is required for most CAD software. However, some Computer Aided Design systems can do graphically and computationally intensive tasks, so a modern graphics card, high speed (and possibly multiple) processors and large amounts of memory may be recommended.

The human-machine interface is generally via a mouse but can also be via a pen and digitizing graphics tablet. Manipulation of the view of the model on the screen is also sometimes done with the use of a space-mouse/space ball. Some systems also support stereoscopic glasses for viewing the 3D model.

Today Computer Aided Design systems are designed to run on all the major operating platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X. Some CAD packages even have the capability to run on multiple platforms.

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HP Designjet T1100

HP Designjet T1100

Increase your productivity with a fast, reliable large-format  printer that produces high-quality CAD drawings and GIS printouts. With the Three-black ink set for more accuracy and detail. Save time with networking, manageability features and full compatibility. The Designjet T1100 is the ideal printer for any wide format printing you will require.

Architects, designers, engineers and GIS practitioners looking for a fast, reliable large-format printer, designed for work-groups use, will find the HP Designjet T1100 Printer series ideal for producing high quality CAD drawings and GIS projects, technical drawings, posters and renders.

Impress your clients with prints that have a new level of accuracy and detail with HP Vivera Inks. Produce professional looking drawings that will give you the edge over your competition.

Attain exacting detail, hard-to-achieve tones and true neutral grey with the HP Three-black ink set. Get improved line accuracy to 0.1%, 0.0423 mm minimum line width and crisp text as HP’s new printhead design achieves precise placement of smaller drops. Create professional prints with smooth area fills, more depth and subtle contrasts from the most vivid colour to the softest tones with HP Vivera Inks. Get excellent smudge-resistance on a range of HP media with fast-drying HP Vivera Inks.

Enable work-group efficiency with fast CAD and GIS printing, networking and manageability features.

Print projects without sacrificing accurate print quality and up to 3 times faster, (Compared to the HP Designjet 800 Printer series, based on 4 copies of 50 A1 pages using normal print quality on plain paper Intervention time not included), with an A1 page in up to 35 seconds. This is based on the Mechanical printing time on plain media using fast economode.

Process complex files quickly: files are processed in the printer not the workstation, so you can send a file to the printer and get back to work. Change print job priorities and reprint copies efficiently with the Job Centre and HP’s embedded Web server. HP JetDirect networking supports high-speed printing and work-group productivity, now and in the future.

Upgrade to a Designjet T1100 printer that you can count on for consistent colour and full compatibility.

Get colours consistent with other HP Designjet printers. This printer can emulate HP Designjet 500, HP Designjet 800, and HP Designjet 1000 printers. This feature is only available on the T1100PS printers. Get screen-to-print matching with HP Professional Color Technologies: enhanced sRGB and AdobeRGB printing, Closed Loop Color calibration, TIFF and JPEG with embedded ICC profiles, offset emulation and Pantone® calibration. Enjoy full compatibility as most CAD applications on a wide range of operating systems are supported thanks to embedded HP-GL/2. Embedded Adobe PostScript 3 provides support for more complex applications. This feature is available on HP Designjet T1100ps printers only.

The DesignJet T1100 comes in 4 models

HP Designjet T1100 610 mm Printer (Q6683A) – Base printer with 610 mm (24”) media width

HP Designjet T1100 1118 mm Printer (Q6687A) – Base printer with 1118 mm (44”) media width

HP Designjet T1100ps 610 mm Printer (Q6684A) – Base printer with 610 mm (24”) media width and embedded Adobe PostScript 3 and PDF printing Support

HP Designjet T1100ps 1118 mm Printer (Q6688A) -Base printer with 1118 mm (44”) media width and embedded Adobe PostScript 3 and PDF printing Support.


Q6663A HP Designjet T1100/T610 610 mm Stand

Q6700A HP Designjet Zx100/T1100/T610 610 mm Spindle

Q6709A HP Designjet 44-in/1118 mm Roll Feed Spindle


C9380A HP 72 Grey and Photo Black Printhead

C9383A HP 72 Magenta and Cyan Printhead

C9384A HP 72 Matte Black and Yellow Printhead

C9403A HP 72 130 ml Matte Black Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink

C9370A HP 72 130 ml Photo Black Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink

C9371A HP 72 130 ml Cyan Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink

C9372A HP 72 130 ml Magenta Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink

C9373A HP 72 130 ml Yellow Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink

C9374A HP 72 130 ml Grey Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink

HP Designjet T1100 / T610 610 mm Stand (Q6663A) To respect commonly limited floor space the HP Designjet T610 610 mm Printer comes in a configuration suitable for printer placement on a desk. The optional stand accessory enables the printer body to be mounted to movable legs with a media bin holding printed drawings. The stand enables you to conveniently relocate the printer to a right place and free up work desks.

Keep busy CAD and GIS professionals productive with this time saving media spindle. Rely on it to efficiently deliver high-quality, wide-format documents. This accessory enables easy switching between media rolls. Complete large-format jobs effortlessly on media up to 610 mm wide and up to 91m long.

The HP Designjet T1100 is the perfect printer for a busy drawing office. With a combination of speed and accuracy of lines, the printer will produce high quality color and mono prints. The quality of the printouts alongside the speed of the printer will ensure a fast efficient production of drawings. The major benefit to this is the increase in production due to no backlog being incurred. Always ensure you use a competent professional repair company should you requires any plotter repairs.

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HP Designjet 70

HP Designjet 70 Printer

Bring your work to life and expand your vision with the affordable HP Designjet 70 printer. Cost effective to operate, it’s ideal for everyday CAD and business printing for a light office. Offering superior speed, vivid color and a wide range of media sizes up to A2+

The HP DesignJet 70 is a solid option for a printer should you be dealing with a more economical budget. Print speeds of 11 pages per minute, more cost effective options for supplying individual ink cartridges as needed, and a quality design that will give you dependable performance makes this machine ideally suited for use in a home or light office environment. Able to meet all of your basic needs for most printing jobs, and with a price tag that falls within the more reasonable budgets, this machine is able to get the job done and save you on overall costs.

Spending too much for an all-in-one machine or an industrial printer loaded with services options that you have no real use for can drain your budget, leaving you without access to the resources needed to attend to other office concerns. For such a situation, a more modest machine can give you the basic service and access to the features you need for a fraction of the cost. Sacrificing quality printing and dependable service for a more attractive price tag is not an issue for the HP DesignJet 70, made to perform dependably, it can get the job done time and time again.

Lower cost printers that are able to meet simple needs while still providing you with superior print quality have earned a respectable place in the home or light office. Choosing such a machine to meet the less demanding needs of your workload or even to serve as a backup machine for a more dedicated and high use printer can allow you to enjoy some significant savings. Considering the HP DesignJet 70 for your next purchase can give you access to a machine that boasts low cost, less maintenance expense and the ability to meet or exceed your expectations for most print jobs. with the affordable

The HP Designjet 70 Printer is ideal for the production of top quality affordable colour line drawings, renders, check and final plots as required by all CAD users, such as architects, engineers and designers. General business users will also find it excellent and easy to use for the printing of color documents like charts, time-lines, diagrams, spreadsheets, presentations and marketing material, up to A2+ in size.

Create maximum impact with versatile, full color,  mufti-format printing up to A2+.

• Print outstanding results on a full range of media from 102mm to 458mm wide, up to 45.7 m long and weights of up to 300 g/m2.

• Enjoy the flexibility of three independent paper paths: the standard tray holds up to 150 sheets of A2+ size media, the front manual-feed path for up to A2+ size media and a rear manual path for media up to 0.4 mm thick and weighing up to 300 g/m2.

• Use the roll feed with automatic cutter (Roll feeder with automatic cutter is optional (not included, sold separately)) on the HP Designjet 70 Printer to print on media up to 458mm wide and 45.7m long.

Produce brilliant colors, crisp, distinct lines and sharp text.

• Precise ink placement to create sharp details, accurate lines and crisp text.

• The black pigmented HP ink provides lasting results for archiving CAD plots and architectural plans. This is only guaranteed when used with the HP 10 Black Ink Cartridge and Printhead. Using genuine HP supplies ensures availability of all HP printing features.

• Produce rich, vibrant colour with patented HP Inks, 1200 dpi and HP Colour Layering Technology.

• Interactive HP Smart Printing Technology ensures automatic, continuous adjustments to optimise print quality to produce a professional output.

• Flexible connectivity and a choice of interfaces allow printer configuration in multiple network environments.

Cost effective to own and operate, save’s time and money.

• Enjoy lower total costs of printing and reliable ink usage with ink cartridges that can be individually replaced.

• Increase your productivity with fast print speeds of 11 pages per minute (A4) and up to 44 seconds per A2 page in Fast mode.

• Cut out trial and error as the intelligent print preview feature shows actual layout positioning ensuring you get accurate results. Enhanced drivers offer support for AutoCAD™ files.

• Reduce outsourcing costs with in-house colour printing of all materials up to A2+.

For a fast cost effective repair to your Designjet 70 or any other plotter repairs contact DesignJet Solutions.

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HP DesignJet 5500 series

HP DesignJet 5500 / 5000 series

The HP Designjet 5500 is a high productivity solution to your large format printing needs. It delivers true production speed, exceptional color, photo-quality images and reliable performance. One added bonus is its simplified workflow and increased unattended operation facility.

HP’s Designjet 5500 series is designed specifically to meet the exact standards of print service providers, graphics specialists and GIS imaging professionals who require exceptional image quality and reliable productivity. This machine is untouched in its ability to produce quality graphic output in either pigmented or UV inks.

Exceptional productivity

Productivity and high speed you can rely on to produce outstanding large format prints.

• Higher print speed: 9.29 sq m/hr output for glossy, 17.56 sq m/hr for coated media, printing at 52.86 sq m/hr in maximum speed mode, means increased production targets can be attained

•Increased data transmission speeds (4.5 MB/s) due to a powerful HP Jetdirect 615n print server card.

• 680 cc high capacity ink cartridges and long-lasting printheads reduces user intervention and cost of ownership and consequently reduced production costs.

• HP’s revolutionary JetExpress printheads are extra wide for faster speed, with embedded digital logic for superior nozzle monitoring. The JetExpress print system does not sacrifice print speed for quality of output.

Breathtaking color-rich photo images every time you print.

• The Designjet 5500 incorporates a  six ink HP Color Layering technology and 1200 dpi writing system provides a wide color gamut, smooth transitions and continuous tones for superb quality output.

• Incorporating an automatic closed-loop color calibration to ensure color consistency, print after print.

• Pantone® color matching for printing Pantone spot or process colors directly from your application.

• Offset-printing press emulations (Euroscale, SWOP, DIC, TOYO, JMPA) and ICC profiles for Macintosh® and Windows®.

Intelligent printing solutions.

• Connectivity to Multi-platform environments is simple and straightforward (UNIX, Linux, Mac OS®, Windows®) from a new Web-file submitter that makes direct PDF and TIFF printing possible.

• Supports up to 7 internal printer languages: Adobe® PDF 1.3, PS 3(2), TIFF, JPEG, CALS/G4, HP RTL, HP GL2.

• No resending time for large files which can be stored on the new 40 GB hard disk using the Web-file submitter.

• Remote access to configurable printer alerts, job management, printer status, ink and media usage information.

Available Models

HP Designjet 5000

• Available 42-inch and 60-inch wide models

• Ready for use with an array of external RIPs and applications

• 128 MB RAM – 42 inch version

• 192 MB RAM – 60 inch version

• 5 GB hard drive – 42 inch version

• 20 GB hard drive – 60 inch version

• HP JetDirect 615N print server

• HP Designjet webaccess

•Internal languages: TIFF 6.0, JPEG, CALS/G4, HP RTL and HP-GL/2

HP Designjet 5000PS

• Available 42-inch and 60-inch wide models

• Ready for use with an array of external RIPs and applications

• 128 MB RAM

• 40 GB hard drive

•HP Jetdirect 615n print server

• HP Designjet webaccess

• Internal languages support: Adobe PDF 1.3, Adobe PostScript 3

HP Designjet 5500

• Available 42-inch and 60-inch wide models

• Ready for use with an array of external RIPs and applications

• 128 MB RAM

• 40 GB hard drive

• HPjetdirect 615n print server

• hp Designjet webaccess

• Internal languages: TIFF 6.0, JPEG, CALS/G4, HP RTL andHP-GL/2

HP Designjet 5500PS

• 42-inch and 60-inch models available

• fully loaded with Adobe PostScript 3 built-in RIP

• 256 MB RAM

• 40 GB hard drive

• HP JetDirect 615n print server

• HP Designjet webaccess

• Internal languages support: Adobe PDF 1.3, Adobe PostScript 3,


• High power productivity— professional, ready-to-sell output at 100 sq ft/hr for glossy and 189 sq ft/hr for coated1 media

• Remote printer management is fast and easy from any standard Web

browser—using the hp designjet webaccess, you can conveniently manage your printer by using remote access to configure printer alerts, job  management, printer status, and ink and media usage information

• Web-file submitter provides easy connectivity in multi-platform environments using a driver-less workflow

• flexible RIP options—the HP Designjet 5500ps provides an Adobe PDF 1.3 and Adobe PostScript 3 built-in RIP and the HP Designjet 5500 is RIP-ready for use with an array of external RIPs and GIS applications

• Accurate, consistent color printing—the HP Designjet 5500ps provides PANTONE® color matching for spot or process colors and closed-loop calibration for color consistency, print after print • multiple press emulations using the HP Designjet 5500ps as well as emulations for other HP Designjet printers and Apple ColorSync® compatibility

• Durable output—two year outdoor and five year indoor as a result of hp UV inks and the 3M™ Match Component System™  available with dye ink.

Both the HP Designjet 5000 / 5500 machines have two types of ink available. For indoor use the best inks available are  dye inks for photo-realistic image quality. These are pigmented ink and will fade rapidly indirect sunlight. For outdoor use, UV inks provide enhanced light-fastness that will not fade in direct sunlight.

Optional Accessories

• 42-inch take-up reel

• 42-inch and 60-inch dye to UV ink upgrade kit

• 64 and 128 MB memory module

Flexible options meet your business needs

The HP Designjet 5500 series printers work in any environment. It will easily integrate into your business by supporting varied workflow and connectivity options, two ink sets, and a wide range of media for standard and specialty applications.

• HP Designjet 5500PS with Adobe PostScript 3 built-in RIP or hp designjet 5500, a RIP-ready version for use with an array of external RIPs and GIS applications. This has been solution tested with the following GIS applications: AutoDesk Map, Bentley’s MicroStation, ESRI’s ArcMap in ArcGIS and GE Smallworld Core Spatial Technology

• Support for up to seven internal printer languages including Adobe PDF 1.32, Adobe PostScript 32, TIFF 6.0, JPEG, CALS/G4, HP RTL, and HP-GL/2

• A modular ink system with a choice of two interchangeable ink sets—dye-based inks or pigment-based for internal prints. UV inks for use where direct sunlight may be a factor, can be used in a single device. These are user interchangeable.

• Support for a wide variety of photo, fine art, durable, and specialty media for indoor and outdoor graphics applications.

• The ability to print on a variety of CAD media including bright white, coated paper for line drawings, clear film, and vellum.

Support and services

HP no longer provides any support for this product. However independent companies like DesignJet Solutions Limited (DSL) can provide support options to assist you in  the setup and maintenance of the HP Designjet 5500 series printers. Use their expert knowledge to help you make the most of your Designjet’s and ensure your equipment is running at peak efficiency. DSL can provide any service you require to ensure your Designjet runs at optimum capacity. These include ad-hoc time and materials repairs, or they can  provide standard or bespoke service contracts to suit your individual needs.

HP supplies maximize your productivity

HP’s production print modes make it easy for you to achieve reliable, high-speed printing. And HP supplies, both ink systems and printing materials, are key to maximizing the number of prints you get per day in the most cost effective way.

• High-capacity (680 cc) ink cartridges and long-lasting printheads provide longer unattended printing and a lower cost of ownership. The individually colored units reduce cost as only the empty ink cartridge or printhead needs to be replaced.

• Extra wide HP JetExpress printheads (.85 inches) provide fast printing speeds. More image is printed per pass due to the extra wide printheads.

• Reduced waiting and shortened total turnaround time due to support for productivity category media, including instant dry-time glossy/semi-glossy which support immediate lamination.

• Longer media rolls (up to 300 feet) plus high-capacity take-up reel (optional on 42-inch models) decrease intervention and boost productivity. Cost per meter of media is reduced the bigger the roll you buy.

• HP smart printing supplies track low-ink levels and worn printheads

Hewlett Packard no longer supports the DesignJet 5000 or the DesignJet 5500, on any operating system above Windows XP. The drivers are no longer available. DesignJet Solutions will continue to support the machines on Windows XP for the foreseeable future and can provide Printer Drivers and error code definitions, along with spare parts as required.

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HP DesignJet T7100 Plotter – A Personal Review

Choosing the correct Plotter

Many companies are faced with the challenge of finding the most reliable plotter  in order to increase the production of large format printing that include colour when needed. To produce high-quality printed plans up to size A0 for competitive tenders.This can be achieved with the HP Designjet T7100 plotter.

There are many printers on the market at the moment. One recommendation is the HP Designjet T7100 plotter. Due to its reliability with day-to-day operational tasks and Its capacity to print high-quality plans for tender procedures. This large format printer produces documents that stand out from those of competitors printed on inferior machines.

It can print on a large range of media but truly outstanding results are obtained with HP Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper.

With the incredible print speed of the Designjet T7100 plotter, CAD drawing throughput can be doubled. This will obviously significantly increase productivity.  This increase in productivity enables a greater turn around in client projects. Due to its exceptional print quality and high resolutions The HP Designjet T7100 plotter can give the advantage in tendering procedures. This in turn produces a high level of client satisfaction and client loyalty due to the quality of the plans produced.

Another big advantage of the HP DesignJet T7100 is the improved efficiency of throughput. The printer can now  print through the night unattended with its multi roll system. The HP Designjet T7100 plotter is user friendly and easy to use. The replacement of paper rolls and ink supplies is easy to install.

The Designjet T7100 is capable of printing in monochrome or full colour, without any degradation of print speed. Colour CAD drawings and plans are far more professional with a high-quality finish. This in turn produces a more competitive edge when tendering.

Personal Quote

“The new printer has enabled us to create plans in half the time. At our current print volume of around 1,000m² per month, the high print speed helps make our engineers and technicians more productive.” “They’re now able to start new projects sooner because the T7100 helps them to complete the orders faster.” “The large-format printer is equipped to take two rolls of media, either  the same or different widths. This topology allows for flexibility when working and reduces waste.”

Using the two rolls means plots can be created overnight with the printer left unattended. A further benefit, is the printer’s ease of use, including paper and supplies replacement. “Not to mention the exceptional print quality, particularly at the highest resolution, which certainly gives us an edge in competitive tenders,” For high-resolution prints, the best media is HP Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper to achieve the desired finish.

“The HP Designjet T7100 plotter is able to produce plans in half the time.” “At our current print volume of around 30m² per day, the high print speed certainly helps to make our engineers and technicians more productive.” “They are now able to start new projects sooner because the large-format printer helps them to complete the orders faster.”

When considering  Designjet T7100 repairs, make sure to use an experienced repairer who can perform a fast efficient cost effective solution to the problem.

“Another major bonus of the HP Designjet T7100 plotter is the eprint system. This enables our on site engineers and technicians to down load and print photographs and drawing modifications directly to the printer.” “This feature has ensured that the job is done in the most efficient time possible.” It also ensures that any modifications are accurate and immediately updated.”

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HP Designjet 815MFP

The HP Designjet 815MFP – Large Format Multifunction Printer

The HP Designjet 815MFP, part of the Designjet 800 family, is an ideal solution to consolidate all your large format document reproduction into a single device. The 815MFP can scan, copy and print in colour or black and white. It can easily handle CAD drawings, GIS projects, print and reproduce quality graphics and large format originals, up to A0 in size. This can be carried out on a variety of media weights, thicknesses and types. The integrated design of the machine has been developed to be compact with a small as possible footprint, reducing the workspace required.It also boasts an intuitive operation system to reduce user training.

Integrated Design

The HP Designjet 815MFP has been designed to be compact yet delivers a whole host of features that include:

Management of large format documents from scan to print. The ability to archive a document. The main subsystems include a wide format printer, a scanner capable of scanning up to A0 sized documents, a touch screen PC and relevant software all contained in a single footprint solution.

The machine can be used as a standalone printer / scanner or it can be connected to a network. The network connection allows for remote printing and scanning for small to medium work-groups (3 – 10 users). The software drivers and standard network interfaces make network integration a simple process.

A fully integrated one vendor solution designed and built to HP’s exacting standards means you can buy the product with confidence.

The Power of Possibilities

With its ability to produce high quality fast colour results, high resolution scanning and photo quality printing up to 42 inches wide, the Designjet 815MFP is an asset to any technical or graphics drawing office.

Digitize and archive your large format documents by direct scanning to a CD, file, or network. The machine can scan in the most common file formats including PDF and TIF.

Copier like simplicity gives complete copying functionality. Make multiple copies, enlarge and reduce files, tile or nest several files all at the touch of a button.

Ease of Operation

With its intuitive operation design the Designjet 815MFP is easy to operate with little or no training or expertise required. Even untrained uses can obtain great results. The friendly touch screen graphics on the display gives you clear hassle fee operating instructions.

The inbuilt calibration wizard ensures consistent performance over and over again and the pre installed intuitive software puts all your print/scaner/copy facilities right at your finger tips.

Care & Maintenance

You can count on HP’s superior quality and dependability with this plotter. This is a single integrated solution combining smart software with a scanner, printer and touchscreen PC.. DesignJet Solutions provide a variety of support options to assist you in the set up and maintenance of the plotter. They  can help you make the most of your machine and keep it running at peak efficiency with their expert knowledge. They can offer and advise on support and service options so you can maximise the potential of your machine. They are experts in supplying and loading drivers for hp machines

The HP Designjet 815MFP just one small part of HP’s printing and imaging systems that have been designed to help you create powerful. Professional printed outputs and communications easily. Printers, supplies, digital solutions and services have been designed to form a symbiotic relationship to meet you business needs.

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HP Designjet 800PS

HP Designjet 800PS Large Format Printer

The HP DesignJet 800PS printer is a must for the professional graphics design studios and in-house graphic departments. This wide format printer is a robust graphics plotter capable of producing plots to the highest standards. It can deliver ultimate photo quality output with continuous tones, smooth transitions and a wide color gamut. The Designjet 800PS is equipped with an internal “virtual” computer to process all print jobs and free up the host computer or network .

Ultimate Photo Quality Output

• HP colour layering technology and up to 2400 dpi resolution is used to achieve ultimate Photo Quality Output

• With its dot layering technology, The Designjet 800PS can create a wider color spectrum per printed dot. This is achieved by layering different colour ink drops over each other to create new colours.

•The “Virtual computer” inside your computer is immediately freed by a “virtual computer” inside the printer. This frees your computer up while the DesignJet 800PS does the work.

• Embedded Adobe® PostScript® 3TM RIP, with drivers for Macintosh® and Windows.®

• As well as printing superior graphics the DesignJet 800PS boasts an Embedded HP-GL/2 processor, with drivers for AutoCAD® and Windows.

• The Designjet 800PS has 160 MB of RAM and a 6-GB hard disk as standard

• Powerful network card: HP JetDirect 10/100 BaseTX print server, as well as USB 1.1 and parallel ports.

• CALS files also accepted. Professional colour management

• Accurate colours are obtained through Automatic PANTONE® Calibration, offset-printing press emulations (EuroScale, SWOP, DIC, and TOYO), and ICC profiles for Mac and Windows.

• Automatic closed –loop-color calibrations ensure that consistent colours are achieved every time, regardless of printhead usage, ambient temperature, humidity or ink levels.

• Robust printer capable of supporting work-groups of 3 to 10 people, with print speeds of up to 85 ft2/hr.

• Supports queuing and nesting, and processes next jobs while printing.

User Friendly.

The Designjet 800PS has been designed with ease of use in mind.

• Three portrait B+ images fit side by side on the 42-inch model.

HP Designjet 800PS Drivers are easy to install and intuitive .

• A full ink system change takes less than 1 minute.

• The control panel is simple to navigate, and media loading is smooth and straight-forward. Great media flexibility

• A wide choice of HP Premium Printing Material is available, including HP Coated Paper, HP Heavyweight Coated Paper, HP High-Gloss Photo Paper and HP Semi-Gloss Photo Paper, HP Studio Canvas, HP Bright White Inkjet Paper, HP Translucent Bond, HP Natural Tracing Paper, HP Vellum, HP Clear Film and HP Matte Film.  Océ media specifically designed to give maximum output when used in conjunction with the DesignJet 800 plotter.

• The printer can work unattended with its off-axis, 69-cc ink cartridges, long-life printheads, 150-ft media rolls, automatic alignment and cutting, and stacking of finished prints in the media bin (optional on the 24-inch model).

The printer comes in two sizes, with a media path that is either 42-inches or 24-inches wide. Stand and media bin are optional on the 24-inches model.

The HP DesignJet 800PS is an ideal printer for use in the graphics industry. It is also capable of producing outstanding CAD drawings. This is a versatile plotter that can be used in any drawing office environment.


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HP Error Codes

HP  Error Codes for the DesignJet Z2100

All HP Designjet’s are equipped with a Firmware embedded error reporting facility. These are designed to aid the customer / service engineer to affect a fast efficient repair to the plotter. The DesignJet Z2100 is no different. The machine will report  HP error codes when a problem is encountered. They are for reference only and a repair should not be attempted unless by an experienced service engineer.

Any unrecorded HP error codes should be reported to the Hewlett Packard Support Centre along with the serial number of the printer and the FirmWare revision.

HP Error Code Types

Some of the HP error codes are continuable, which means you can press enter on the front panel and the machine will continue working. Despite the fact that the machine can continue printing a service visit will be required to resolve the underlying problem

Non-continuable HP error codes, however do not allow the printer to continue working. In these cases power the machine off and back on again to see if the Designjet error codes clear. If the system error reoccurs then the plotter will require an on site visit by a qualified engineer to resolve the problem.

HP fault codes explain which component / sub-system is failing. They are designed to point the customer / engineer to the problem area in order to obtain a fast efficient repair to the machine.

All HP error codes are displayed directly on the front panel and are in hexa-decimal format.

There general appearance will be;         XX:n:YZ.m


XX = The failing service part – Usually in two digit format

n =       Service part index, if more than one is used in the machine, e.g. Can be used to identify a failing ink cartridge by its colour

Y =      Who should perform the corrective action. If Y=0 then the user should perform the action, if Y=1 then a qualified service engineer is required

Z =       Action to perform

m =      Additional actions or information to consider. E.g. Non-authorized ink was detected. Preventative Maintenance threshold has been reached, printhead out of warranty.

Below is list of the error codes reported by the DesignJet Z2100 and the relevant meaning.

Designjet Z2100 Error codes

Error Code English Translation
01.0:YZ HCI queue does not end after 2 seconds
01.1:YZ NVM backup; not found, read, write, or read back error
01.2.YZ Print Mech PCA fault or NVm backup failure
01.3;YZ Problem with the PrintMech PCA
02.1;YZ Encoder seems to be wrong
02.2:YZ Problem with Carriage PCA
03:YZ Problem with Power Supply Unit
05.1:YZ CPU Fan dead
05.2:YZ Main memory size failure
06.1:YZ Main NVM failure – not detected, read,/write failed or read-back error
06.2:YZ NVM main: not detected, read, write or read back error (HDD error)
06.3:YZ NVM main: not found, read, write or read back error (HDD error)
07.1:YZ Fan Power Supply Unit driver burnt
08:YZ Problem with front panel
11:YZ Trailing cable does not seem to be detected
12.n:YZ Carriage & PCA Main doesn’t detect pens (printheads)
13.1:YZ The Ink Supply Station Left cable may not be properly connected or malfunctioning
13.2:YZ The Ink Supply Station Right cable may not be properly connected or malfunctioning
17:YZ The Iharness main of PCA main to Printmech may not be properly connected or malfunctioning
21.1:YZ Service Station servo shutdown
21.2:YZ Fail moving Service Station
21.3:YZ Problem with the Service Station
21.4:YZ Primer error (Primer motor: zero not found, servo Shutdown, Servo Warm and Servo fault
22.0:YZ Ink Supply Station left BPSO error
22.1:YZ Ink Supply Station left BPS1 error
22.2:YZ Ink Supply Station Right BPSO error
24:YZ Ink Start up failure (Ink delivery system(IDS) Tubes purge failed
26.1:YZ Order of Ink supplies incorrect
26.2:YZ A wrong Ink Cartridge has been detected
27:YZ An error has occurred in Printhead detection
41:YZ Electrical fault or current limit in Media Axis motor
42;YZ Electrical fault or current limit in Scan Axis motor
44:YZ Fan Electrical fault or not connected
47:YZ Star wheels motor error
48:YZ PPS system failure
51;YZ Window Sensor failure
52:YZ The printer has detected a faulty pare in Drop Detector
52.1:YZ Failure to switch on Drop Detector
52.2:YZ Failure to switch off Drop Detector
53;YZ An error in the Main Media Sensor has been detected
54:YZ An error in the Pinch Lever Sensor has been detected
55:YZ Problem with the Line Sensor (Tetris). The printer has detected a failure to access Line Sensor EEPROM
56:YZ Drive roller analog encoder sensor fail or calibration failed
58:YZ The Color Sensor (Spectrophotometer-ESP) of the printer is not working well
58.1:YZ The Color Sensor (Spectrophotometer-ESP) of the printer is not working well
58.2:YZ The Color Sensor (Spectrophotometer-ESP) of the printer is not working well
58.3:YZ The Color Sensor (Spectrophotometer-ESP) of the printer is not working well
58.4:YZ The Color Sensor (Spectrophotometer-ESP) of the printer is not working well
61:YZ The file format is incorrect and the printer cannot process the job
63:YZ Input/Output problem through the Network Card
64:YZ Input/Output problem through the USB port
65:YZ Memory Driver Internal I/O error, I/O Socket Manager Internal I/O error
66:YZ Cannot print file on current paper type. The paper type has been changed since the file was sent.
67:YZ Input/Output problem through a Firewire Port
71:YZ Out of memory failure
71:19:00 Default serial number found in the main backup NVRAM. It seems both the main PCA and hard disk have been replaced at the same time.
72:YZ Generic Firmware error
73:YZ Servo error
74:YZ Failed getting Part Number/Serial Number
75:1:YZ Preventative maintenance Kit #1 counter active
75:2:YZ Preventative maintenance Kit #2 counter active
75:3:YZ Preventative maintenance Kit #3 counter active
79:YZ Generic Firmware error
81:YZ Paper servo shutdown
85:YZ Problem finding the Drive Roller zero
86:YZ Possible Paper Jam
87:YZ Problem finding the Scan-axis encoder reading
94:YZ Color calibration error
94:1:YZ Profiling algorithm failed
95:YZ The Calibration of the paper advance doesn’t activate
97:YZ The Calibration of the paper advance doesn’t activate

As previously stated the above list of HP error codes are for reference only. If you should require Designjet Z2100 repairs, be sure to contact a service company who specialise in HP Designjet plotters.

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HP Designjet L2500 at EcoPrint

HP Designjet L26500 at EcoPrint in Berlin  September 2012.

The forthcoming Ecoprint Europe 2012 event will be held on 26th to 27th September and will have Hewlett Packard as its headline partner, showcasing the HP Designjet L26500

HP will be headlining its new Designjet L26500 printer to reiterate its focus on sustainability. The printer utilises technology that reduce the impact on the environment. As well as the obvious environmental benefits HP will highlight the commercial benefits derived from these green printers.

The evolution of new technologies, such as HP Latex and newly developed substrates have revolutionised the Design & Display printing industry. New opportunities are now available to make more sustainable choices for decorating retail stores and creating retail signage, with green printing at the forefront.

EcoPrint Europe will see HP reinforce its focus on sustainability and, in particular, the commercial benefits achievable for print service providers that use the technology designed to reduce the impact on the environment. HP will promote the Designjet L26500 with live demonstrations of its printing applications. This will features water-based HP Latex Inks that produce odourless prints. HP will also promote the commercial benefits of the Designjet L26500 through educational presentations and discussions.

Hewlett Packard believes that the Designjet L26500 is the way forward in environmental management. To reinforce this belief HP will be holding two informative presentations as part of the event’s Ecoshowcase activity
26th September 13.00 Hours

HP Latex specialist Roman Barba will be holding a seminar:

More sustainable choices for retail store decoration

This is designed to educate people about the new substrates available and their impact on the environment. Digital display and printing is a multi million dollar industry. HP’s will focus on the new materials available, HP Latex as well as ink and paper. This will provide education that can increases customer awareness, whilst reducing environmental impact.

27th September, 13.00hrs

Christian Menegon, business development manager, HP Indigo will hold a seminar:

The environmental benefits of digital printing of labels & packaging

Digital printing innovation is for the first time allowing brand owners to reduce inventory, waste and the carbon footprint in their label and packaging supply chains. This is partly due to HP Latex inks but also the development of eco paper. During this session real examples of how brand owners have already been able to achieve this, whilst enhancing their ability to make rapid design changes will be reviewed and discussed.

Taking the US market for example – which most people believe it to be a barometer for environmental change. Stephen Goddard, environmental leadership programme manager for HP’s Graphics Solutions Business, will host a panel discussion looking at recent EcoPrint developments in the USA. This will be a general discussion with input from all participants. The US market is often an early indicator to what can influence methods and practices in Europe, this discussion will consider where the market is headed in terms of environmental issues.

The session will partly focus on the work of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership; this is a non profit organization, backed by major US printing associations, HP and others. Although in its infancy, SGP is starting to win the support of well-known brands, some of which are already requesting that print service providers, (PSPs) that undertake work for them have attained the minimum certification standards. According to Goddard, leading certifications around the world that are applicable to printing businesses – like the one from SGP in North America – can not only drive PSPs to take a structured approach to sustainability improvement in their print shop, but can also provide them with a credibility standard that they can use to help demonstrate their EcoPrint credentials to their customers old and new.

‘As suppliers, most PSPs would readily acknowledge that more and more customers – especially international brand owners – are asking them for more ecoprint solutions and, increasingly, driving them to implement more sustainable production methods,’ Goddard explained.

‘Those forward-thinking PSPs that have taken such necessary steps would also likely concur that printing with the environment in mind can be good for business; saving them – and even making them – money.

‘Print business owners remain at the sharp end of the challenge to build a more sustainable future for the printing industry and consequently, they need to be at the heart of the discussion. EcoPrint provides us the ideal forum to present new ideas, look at best practice and help PSPs to make informed decisions regarding their own environmental choices,’ he concluded.

The HP Designjet L26500 and its predicessor the Designjet L25500, are world leader’s in EcoPrint solutions. Its new HP Latex print system is environmentally conscious and will provide a pathway for all Graphic and signage companies to follow.

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HP Designjet T1300

Hewlett Packard DesignJet T1300 Printer

So easy and intuitive, you’ll love using it

You’ll love using the Designjet T1300 ePrinter. Its colour touch screen is intuitive and user friendly that even a novice could operate it. PDF creation is easy with optional Auto CAD plug-in. Print preview eliminates error and waste, And because the printer is Web-connected, it’s easier than ever to update. Printer can be sent from anywhere with HP new eprinter software. This increases the versatility of the plotter.

• Print to any HP DesignJet printer without installing any drivers thanks to HP ePrint & Share.

• Discover the power of touch—this ePrinter’s colour touch screen enables intuitive operation and page previews.

• Web-connected and easy to update. Software updates occur automatically, every six months.

• Create a print-ready PDF at the same time you print with HP ePrint & Share

Do more in less time—fast setup, printing, sharing

Meet tight deadlines, work with many file types, and produce high-quality line drawings and presentations on one printer. Two rolls with smart switching fosters work-groups productivity. See rich, dark blacks, true neutral greys, and vibrant solid colours.

• Save time and paper with two rolls. Load the printer with the same, or different, CAD paper types and sizes.

• Get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Print up to 2 A1/D-sized prints per minute in Economode.

• Achieve high-quality results with rich, dark blacks, true neutral greys, and vibrant solid colours.

• Experience trusted security and manageability with features designed to protect and simplify.

Access and print files where the job takes you

Ultra mobile, the Designjet T1300 enhances collaboration. Print directly from your computer or USB drive without installing drivers. Web print directly from the colour touch screen. Share, access, and print files via the Web using HP ePrint & Share.

• Print TIFF, JPEG, and PDF files directly from your USB thumb drive; no computer required.

• Print and share files directly from the colour touch screen—with HP ePrint & Share.

• Select and print projects using the colour touch screen— simply access those files via HP ePrint & Share.

• Print remotely to any large-format HP Web-connected DesignJet from your computer or mobile device.


·          Save paper with two roll configuration, print image nesting, blank print area       detection, image auto rotate and realistic print previews

·          Less ink wasted thanks to efficient installation and maintenance routines

·          Free convenient cartridge and printhead recycling.

·          Supports 100% HP recycled media

·          ENERGY STAR qualified product

Warranty and Support

• All Designjet T1300 come as new with 12 months Hewlett Packard warranty on them. Once this runs out be sure to find a company that can offer you  a range of warranties and support packs to suit your individual needs. From a standard 12 months next day on site, parts and labour maintenance contract to a 5 year bespoke contract. DesignJet Solutions can provide any option to suit your needs.



HP ePrint & Share is a free Web-printing solution that lets you automatically manage content online. It requires an Internet connection.

Create a print ready PDF – Requires Auto CAD plug-in.

PDF files only available with Postscript accessory (optional accessory to be purchased separately) or buying PS versions.







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